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Mike Dolen
Age 33

Mike Dolen started this computer company at the age of 17. His vision and goals for the company have driven it for over 16 years. At the age of 8 his father bought him around 50 broken computers from a school auction and a few books. This was done to keep him from taking apart anymore expensive electronics in the house. When he finally put together his first computer from the 50 broken computers his hunger for more knowledge began. “I would say I have an outside of the box way of looking at computers" said Mike Dolen. This style of learning would begin the way of thinking that would produce inventive ways of using all types of technology together. This moment in Mike's childhood would be the foundation for becoming a world class technology solution provider. From the first computer build to a world wide solution provider, Mike has always come up with new ways to use technology. “If you do not try something new you will never learn how to change the way we think about technology" said Mike Dolen. Honest, passionate, gentle, strong and dedicated are all words used to describe Mike. "How can you say I am your hero when I want to be like you" is what Mike's father told him 1 day before he passed away. This is the man running the ETMT.

Comment from Mike Dolen:

I would like to thank my father and mother for being huge supporters of my dreams. My father is my hero for the simple fact that no matter what adversity got in his way he overcame it with LOVE.

A picture of Mike Dolen his wife Amber Dolen and his three daughters.
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